Final Draft

August 27, 2018 0 By citrusbrain

So folks. Here we are again. It’s about that time for a long session. A long session of reading. Trying to figure what the author is conveying. The story may have no plot but you may read between the lines and see one. The ending may be far in the future but don’t let that put you off. As with life you have made it this far with no end in sight. You have survived. On we go. Walking the the highway of life into the perpetual sunset. A sunset of our own which, ironically, we’ll never get to see. We can watch the light dimming but never see it blink out. The door to the end we will open but never actually shut it behind us. The story unfolds but it is not getting anywhere. The author is typing away and the words appear but appear to make no sense. He does not care for the direction just that you make it to the finale. A final destination with no prize. Thank you for your time and here is your compensation. Dear reader you are precious. Thank you for staying. My composition, however, goes on. As I hope you go on. Hoping you make it a good walk with a destination far in the distance. Your muscles may grow weary and you may want to rest. You cannot. I can end this anytime but your curiousity carries you forward. So as my pen hikes across the jotted lines and traverses many pages you are still in one place but moving at a million miles per hour. Towards the crush of inevitability. I don’t know. This may be bleak but it may also inspire you. Inspire you to do what? I will never know. Not knowing, I think, is a blessing. If I knew then I wouldn’t. Would what? I hear you shout. I don’t know. That’s the point. That’s where the story finishes or starts. I think it’s good that you’re still reading this. There are no bonus points though. No prizes for making it to the end.