Out of my Life

July 7, 2018 0 By citrusbrain
I opened my heart to you,
Exposed my feelings and fears.
The one I thought could save me,
Lead me out of the darkness I hid in for years.The future is now mine,
Not ours.
No more crying for me,
Wasting my hours.

Love was lost but I kept giving,
You took all you could handle.
Now, however, I have seen a new light,
The light you stole from my cradled candle.

I have moved on but will never forget,
The harsh lessons that you taught.
The secrets and lies and shying away,
I kept forgiving but then you were caught.

There is no hate in my heart,
Only sadness.
I am happy,
To be out of the madness.

For now my heart belongs to another,
A soul who is kind, loving and true.
A beauty I only ever imagined,
So much more loving and stable than you.